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The PST3 system (pn 7030) was retired several years ago. It simultaneously monitored and recorded water level data during pump or slug tests for up to three wells. Although retired, some replacement parts are available (see Ordering Info).

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Detailed Description

Based around the CR10X datalogger, the PST3 included a keyboard/display, enclosure, internal rechargeable power supply, RS-232 interface, computer interface cables, and external connectors for pressure transducers. The PST3 was pre-programmed and wired for easy field setup. Measurement, control, and time-keeping functions were switch selectable. Real-time test conditions could be monitored using the keyboard display or a portable computer.

PST3 Sensors
Strain Gage Pressure Transducers:  see CS400-L or CS405-L.

[Note: Instrumentation Northwest's Model 9104 transducers manufactured between approximately November 1992 and April 1996 are also compatible with the PST3.]

Data Transfer and Storage Peripherals
The PST3 systems were compatible with the SM192 and SM716 storage modules. An SC532(A) was required for direct storage module to computer communications.

Support Software/PST Accessories
PCPST Support Software and several accessories were developed specifically for the PST system. They are listed under related products (at right).

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