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7177 CR10T Table Mode Update Kit
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The 7177 included a custom-generated PROM that required assistance from Campbell Scientific. A CR10T label to indicate that the data logger has been modified was also included. The PROM provided 2K of program memory. The LS6941 was similar but included 4K of program memory instead.

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Detailed Description

The CR10T had less PROM space than the CR10 or CR10X, thus the standard CR10 instruction set would not fit in a standard CR10T. When a CR10T was quoted, Campbell Scientific needed to create the CR10T PROM in LIBSPECT—a CR10T version of LIBSPEC.



A partial list of software modules (standard and library specials) that were NOT supported by the CR10T follows:

P23 Burst
P63 Parameter extension
P64 Paroscientific
P65 Bulk load
P67 Dynagage
P76 Old wind vector
P81 Rainflow
P96 On-line storage or printing
P97 Callback
P98 Print character
P99 Satellite interfaces
*4 Parameter entry table
Program on power-up
*9 Storage module support
VS1 Voice Synthesizer support

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