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For -PW Cable Termination Options
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The 22018 kit can be used to add a connector to a sensor so that it is usable with a PWENC or pre-wired system. The 22018 consists of the 30197 connector, the 29804 dust cap, and some heat shrink materials to seal the connector.

Note: Campbell Scientific recommends that only experienced assemblers or installers use the 22018 kit. Anyone using this kit to put the connector on a cable and enclosure should have good assembly skills and the ability to make adjustments as necessary. In addition, a user-supplied product is needed to help seal up the connection (such as epoxy or heat shrink material) so that the seal will endure for its intended lifetime in the environment.

If the 22018 male cable end or the 22019 female counterpart is ordered for the enclosure, the cable connection will not have the same result as if Campbell Scientific made the connection because we use a special molding machine to complete the connector/cabling process.  

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