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The 19345 allows the 1 MBit Flash chip used in older CR200-series dataloggers to be replaced with the 4 MBit Flash chip used in our contemporary loggers. The final storage memory will be increased from 128 kbytes to 512 kbytes. Data loggers with the larger capacity memory have "512K" on their labels.

This service is required when the 27307 service is used to convert a 1 MBit CR200-series datalogger to a CR200X-series datalogger.

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Detailed Description

The table below shows serial numbers of data loggers that have the 1 MBit memory.

Data Logger Model Serial Number of Data Loggers with
1M Memory
25405 or lower
4473 or lower
4071 or lower
4133 or lower
1039 or lower

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