18652 10 A Detachable Power Cord for Use in Continental Europe


The 18652 power cable connects the 14014 wall charger to a wall socket. The 3.5 m cable is compatible with power outlets that are prevalent in continental Europe. It is typically ordered as the -EUC Power Cable Option for the 14014 wall charger. The 18652 can be ordered after the original 14014 purchase if the application has relocated to continental Europe. It is also available as a replacement or spare cable.



Current Rating 10 A
Voltage Rating 250 Vac
Temperature Rating -15° to +70°C
Plug Type CEE 7/7
Plug Color Black
Connector Type IEC 60320 C13
Connector Color Black
Cable Style International
Conductor Size 1.0 mm2
Number of Conductors 3
Cable Type H05VV-F
Cable Color Black
Cable Standard HD-21
General Material PVC
Outer Diameter ~6.3 to 8.0 mm (~0.25 to 0.32 in.)
Length 3.50 m (11.48 ft)

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