This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: 31314.
14462 Surge Suppressor Kit for 900 or 922 MHz RSPMA Spread-Spectrum Radios
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This surge suppressor kit can help protect 900 and 922 MHz spread-spectrum radio transceivers from electrical transients conducted through the antenna cable.

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Detailed Description

The 14462 is a surge suppressor kit for the RF401, RF411, RF430, RF431, CR206(X), CR211(X), AVW206, AVW211, and CRVW3. It protects the device from electrical transients conducted through the antenna cable. The surge suppressor is fitted with two type N female connectors.

This kit's 18-inch coaxial cable attaches the device to the surge suppressor. The surge suppressor attaches to an outdoor antenna via a COAXNTN-L cable (purchased separately).


-NOTE- The 14462 Surge Suppressor Kit has components that have their own specifications.

To review these specifications, refer to the appropriate products below:


Spread Spectrum Transceivers

Contemporary products that use this surge suppressor are the RF401, RF411, RF430, RF431, CR206X, CR211X, AVW206, AVW211, and CRVW3. Retired 900 MHz radios and data loggers are also compatible.

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