10869 4 Gallons of 50:50 PGE Antifreeze for the CS705


The 10869 provides a package of four, one-gallon containers of antifreeze for the CS705 Tipping Bucket Snowfall Adapter. The antifreeze is a 1:1 mixture of propylene glycol and ethanol (PGE). PGE is recommended because it is more environmentally friendly than other antifreeze mixtures. Read More

This product is only available to ship via ground (no airplanes). Consequently, it is only shipped within the U.S.


Detailed Description

Recommended Mixture for the CS705 Snowfall Adapter

The CS705 requires a specific 1:1 formulation of propylene glycol and ethanol (PGE) to function properly. PGE is available from Campbell Scientific as part number 10869 in a package of four, one-gallon containers. Due to regulatory restrictions, PGE can only be shipped in multiples of four gallons via UPS Ground and cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Why Straight Car or RV Antifreeze is NOT Recommended

Standard RV antifreeze consist of propylene glycol or ethylene glycol, which has a specific gravity of greater than 1. This allows a layer of water to sit on top of the antifreeze. That layer of water can then freeze and form an ice cap that prevents snowfall from being dissolved in the solution. Cutting the antifreeze with ethanol solves the specific gravity issue and prevents the ice cap. PGE is also more environmentally friendly.

Disposing of PGE Mixture

Although PGE is non-toxic, the PGE/precipitation mixture from the tipping bucket gage should be captured and disposed of properly in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.


Weight 15.42 kg (34.0 lb)

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