10273 3 V 123 A Lithium Battery


The 10273 is a 3 V 123 A lithium battery.

This lithium battery maintains power to volatile areas of the CR23X memory (e.g., clock) when the main power supply is disconnected or turned off.

The 10273 has a capacity of 1800 mAh and a self-discharge rate of 1%/yr @25°C. Operating temperature range is -40° to +85°C.

The 10273 needs to be periodically replaced. Users can replace the battery by following the process illustrated in the product manual. 

Lithium metal battery rules and regulations change frequently. Campbell Scientific, Inc., must be compliant with IATA and FAA regulations. If you want to ship a lithium battery within the United States via air transportation or outside the United States using any mode of transportation, please consult with our logistics experts before ordering to ensure your destination and shipment method can be served. There may also be quantity limitations depending on lithium content per battery. 


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