10270 10 AWG RG8/U Shielded PVC Coaxial Cable


The 10270 is the 50 ohm low-loss RG8 coaxial cable used to construct the COAXTDR-L and COAXNTN-L. The CS610 TDR Probe is also fitted with this cable. The Ordering Information lists the per foot price of raw cable. When purchased as raw cable, the 10270 is cut to user-specified length. The cable is not terminated in heat shrink, and connectors are not included.



Impedance 50 ohm
Nominal Inductance 0.065 µH/ft
Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Shield 24.8 pF/ft
Nominal Velocity of Propagation 0.84
Nominal Delay 1.24 ns/ft
Operating Temperature -40° to +80°C
Maximum Recommended Pulling Tension 112.04 kg 247 lb
Minimum Bend Radius (minor axis) 10.16 cm 4 in.
Conductor 10 AWG solid bare copper center conductor
Insulation Gas-injected foam HDPE insulation
Outer Shield 2-layer outer shield - Bonded Duofoil + tinned copper braid
Jacket PVC jacket
Nominal Diameter 1.024 cm (0.403 in.)
Weight 105 lb/1000 ft

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