Product Details
Typically Ships Within 0 - 7 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 3 years
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image

The "Typically Ships Within" value is an estimate of the number of calendar days within which this product is ready to ship from Campbell Scientific. Orders with more than 10 built-to-order products will likely increase the time needed to prepare the order for shipping.

To estimate how long it will take to receive an order that contains multiple products, combine the longest Ships Within value with the transit time of the shipping method you select.

Some specialized products have long Ships Within values. Because of this, you might consider submitting a separate order for these products so your other products won't be delayed.

Ships With
(1) Calibration Sheet
(2) Hose clamps from original mfg
(3) 33735 Low-Profile Stainless-Steel #8-32 x 0.375 Knurled-Head Thumb Screw

Replacement Parts

The 5603 Replacement Reed Switch is for newer TE525 rain gages that have the reed switch enclosed in a black plastic housing. Users can often perform the replacement themselves. Alternatively, an RMA may be requested from Campbell Scientific and the switch can be replaced by one of our technicians. If your TE525 rain gage has a reed switch that is encapsulated in glass with a red potting compound on either end of the glass tube, the rain gage should be returned to Campbell Scientific for replacement of both the reed switch and the tipping bucket mechanism.
The 13818 TE525 Replacement Screen has a 6" diameter that fits at the base of the funnel.
The 30277 provides one replacement funnel mounting clip for the TE525-series rain gages. Three clips are used to secure the funnel.
The 33735 may be ordered as a replacement part if a thumb screw is lost or damaged.


The 16567 orders a factory calibration. The factory calibration procedure is similar to that described in the manual (summing the recorded tips expected given a known volume of liquid passing through the gage then adjusting the calibration based on the result). Factory recalibration requires an RMA (Returned Material Authorization).