Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(1) 2376 Adhesive-Backed Cable Tie Mount
(1) 4005 8 in. Nylon Cable Tie

Replacement Parts

The 2376 consists of small, 3 cm square tabs with adhesive backing. The 2376 mounts attach to the inside of an enclosure to provide an anchor for attaching the cable ties. The cable ties, in turn, are used to secure cables and wires, thus providing strain relief and cable routing inside the enclosure.
These cable ties have a flexible, nylon construction. A connection is made by pulling the tapered end through the locking end, thus forming a loop. The free end is pulled tight to secure the cables, then trimmed back to the locking end. After attachment, the cable tie must be cut to be removed.