Ceilometers / SkyVUE8M
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 2 years
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) Connector Cap from original mfg
(1) 36216 Triangle Key for SkyVUE8/M
(1) 36217 Calibration Plate for SkyVUE8/M
(4) Desiccant from original mfg (one unit inside enclosure)
(1) 2 m USB Type A Plug to USB Type B Plug Cable from original mfg
(1) SkyVUE8M White Canvas Cover from original mfg
(1) SkyVUE8M Olive Green Canvas Cover from original mfg
(10) Ground Spikes from original mfg
(1) Power/Communication Cable from original mfg
(1) Manual

Common Accessories

The 35206 Bird Spike Kit deters birds from sitting on the SkyVUE™8M Tactical LIDAR Ceilometer. The kit comprises four stainless-steel spikes with rounded ends and a small reel of stainless-steel wire.
The 36215 offers a hard-shell wheeled case with a cut-out foam lining for the safe transport and storage of the SkyVUE™8M. This military transport case is manufactured to withstand the toughest environmental and climatic conditions. The case is manufactured as a solid uniform structure, which makes it extra resistant to impact and vibration and enables the case to be handled and transported in extreme situations. The polymer raw material resin is UV-resistant and is specifically designed to function in extreme temperatures and under solar load. The 36215 case carries a special silicone seal that makes it waterproof and resilient to humidity, salt, sand, and dust. The case is corrosion- and mold-resistant, offering protection against contamination from solvents and chemical agents.

Replacement Parts

The 36216 is the triangle key used to operate the door of the SkyVUE™8M. This key operates the two cam locks that secure the entry door of the ceilometer, allowing you access to the internal modules.
The 36217 is a lightweight, coated, rigid foam plate used to conduct calibrations of the SkyVUE™8M. The calibration plate surfaces can be easily cleaned by gentle wiping.
The 36218 is a replacement laser assembly for connection to the existing cables in the SkyVUE™8M. The laser assembly contains a Class 3B laser that is aligned upon installation on the base of the optical assembly of the ceilometer.
The 36219 is a replacement power supply unit specifically designed for use with the SkyVUE™8M. It connects to the existing cables in the ceilometer to provide 12 to 24 Vdc to the DSP, internal heaters, external heaters, and blower through separate connectors.
This durable, coated-fabric, white cover is intended for use with the SkyVUE™8M as camouflage in snow conditions. It is polymer-coated to protect it from moisture and for easy cleaning. The 36220 attaches to hooks on the legs of the ceilometer.
This durable, coated-fabric, olive-green cover is intended for use with the SkyVUE™8M as camouflage in forested conditions. It is polymer-coated to protect it from moisture and for easy cleaning. The 36221 attaches to hooks on the legs of the ceilometer.
The 36222 kit provides metal stakes with extraction handles to secure the SkyVUE™8M to soft ground. Ten stakes are provided. The heavy-duty metal stakes will pass through each leg of the ceilometer to secure it to penetrable ground. If necessary, the stakes can be hammered into place. The screw threads keep the stakes securely in position. The large, rigid, polymer resin handles provide assistance when removal and handling of the stakes is required.
The 4905 Single 4-Unit Silica Desiccant Bag is packaged in Tyvek. The supplied desiccant should fill the initial needs of most applications, but should be periodically replaced.
The 17648 is a USB cable for attaching our products to a USB port on a PC. It has a type A male connector for connecting to the PC's USB port and a type B connector for connecting to the Campbell Scientific device.
The SkyVUE8MCBL is a combined power and communications cable for the SkyVUE™8M. This robust seven-core cable terminates with a metal plug that complies with required military standards for connection to the ceilometer. The cable also has flying power leads and communications leads to a nine-way D connector (assembled) at the power supply end.


Campbell Scientific offers various services for this product, including repairs and functional verification of power supply, communication circuitry, laser, detector, and internal heater. Repair estimates can be provided upon request.