Ceilometers / SkyVUE8
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 2 years
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image

Common Accessories

The 35206 deters birds from sitting on the SkyVUE™8 LIDAR Ceilometer. The kit comprises four stainless-steel spikes with rounded ends and a small reel of stainless-steel wire.

Replacement Parts

The 6182 is the internal 7 Ah sealed rechargeable battery.
The 17648 is a USB cable for attaching our products to a USB port on a PC. It has a type A male connector for connecting to the PC's USB port and a type B connector for connecting to the Campbell Scientific device.
The 7806 may be purchased to replace a connector that has been damaged.
The 4905 is packaged in Tyvek. The supplied desiccant should fill the initial needs of most applications, but should be periodically replaced. (The 4905 can be purchased in quantities of 20 as part number 6714.)
The 36218 is a replacement laser assembly for connection to the existing cables in the SkyVUE™8. The laser assembly contains a Class 3B laser that is aligned upon installation on the base of the optical assembly of the ceilometer.
The 36219 is a replacement power supply unit specifically designed for use with the SkyVUE™8. It connects to the existing cables in the ceilometer to provide 12 to 24 Vdc to the DSP, internal heaters, external heaters, and blower through separate connectors.
The 36217 is a lightweight, coated, rigid foam plate. It is used to calibrate the SkyVUE™8.
The 36216 is the triangle key used to operate the door of the SkyVUE™8. This key operates the two cam locks that secure the entry door of the ceilometer, allowing you access to the internal modules.


Campbell Scientific offers various services for this product, including repairs and functional verification of power supply, communication circuitry, laser, detector, and internal heater. Repair estimates can be provided upon request.