This product is no longer available.
PVS4100D Discrete Portable Automatic Liquid Sampler
Quick-Connect Options
-NQ -NQ No Quick-Connect
-Q -Q w/Quick-Connect
Sample Container Options
-D -D 24 0.5L Bottles w/Base
-E -E 24 1L Btls w/Ext Base
-N -N No Bottles or Base
Power Supply Options - show details
-BL -BL 80-264Vac w/17Ah Batt
With this option, the sampler can be run on 115 Vac power or use a 17 Ahr battery.
-AC -AC 80-264Vac only No Bat
Select this option if you will only be using AC power and not a battery.
Moisture Detect Options
-ND -ND No Water Detection
-WD -WD Water Detection Probe
Warranty Lengths - show details
-SW -SW Standard 3yr Warranty
At the time of purchase, the PVS4100D includes a standard warranty of 36 months.
-XW -XW 2yr Warr Extension
Our Extended Warranty adds 24 months to the standard 36 month warranty, bringing the total warranty period to 60 months. The extended warranty may be purchased only at the time of original product purchase. It may NOT be "added later." Except for the increased coverage length, the same terms and conditions apply to the extended warranty as apply to the standard warranty.
Special Configuration
-SS -SS Standard Config
-XS -XS Special Config
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 3 years

Common Accessories

26925-L Sampler 3/8 inch PVC Intake Hose
You must purchase an intake hose. The 26925 provides a nylon-reinforced PVC hose with a 3/8 in. inner diameter and user-specified length. Enter length, in feet, after the -L. Must choose a hose termination option.
26925-L Options - show details
-L ft per Hose

Allowed values: 25-400 ft, increments of 1 ft

Sampler End Termination
-HC -HC Sampler End w/Clamp
-QD -QD Sampler End w/QD
Intake End Termination
-NE -NE w/o Sinker/Strainer
-E1 -E1 w/Lead Sinker
-E2 -E2 w/SS Strainer
The 26917 is a stainless-steel suspension harness for this water sampler when it's used in a sewer system.
The 26913 is an external signal cable for our water samplers.
The 26903 is a handcart that facilitates transporting this water sampler.

Replacement Parts

The 13519 is a 3.6 Vdc, 1.2 Ahr, 1/2 AA size cell that needs to be periodically replaced. The battery is user-replaceable.