This product is no longer available.
Product Details
Typically Ships Within 0 - 7 Days
Restockable No
Warranty 1 year

The "Typically Ships Within" value is an estimate of the number of calendar days within which this product is ready to ship from Campbell Scientific. Orders with more than 10 built-to-order products will likely increase the time needed to prepare the order for shipping.

To estimate how long it will take to receive an order that contains multiple products, combine the longest Ships Within value with the transit time of the shipping method you select.

Some specialized products have long Ships Within values. Because of this, you might consider submitting a separate order for these products so your other products won't be delayed.

Replacement Parts

The 10075 is a 24 Ah sealed rechargeable battery available as a replacement item for RAWS weather stations, the BP24 battery pack, and the PS24 power supply. Leads and connectors are included.
The 18345 is shipped with the 18694 RAWS 24 Ahr Power Kit. It covers the 24 Ahr battery. The 18345 is available to replace a lost or damaged cover.
The 6186 connects a PS150, PS200, CH150, or CH200 power supply to an auxiliary, 12 V flooded battery such as a deep-cycle marine or RV battery. Cable length is 10 feet. This two-conductor cable has a two-pin connector on one end that attaches to the power supply, and pigtails on the other end that attach to the battery.
Individual screws may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged screw.