18072 TGA Heated Intake Filter
Orifice Size Options - show details
-7 -7 0.007 inch Orifice
Lower flow orifice option. Provides 0.26 slpm flow at sea level.
-10 -10 0.010 inch Orifice
Mid-flow and most common orifice option. Provides 0.56 slpm flow at sea level.
-13 -13 0.013 inch Orifice
Higher flow orifice option. Provides 0.90 slpm flow at sea level.

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Product Details
Typically Ships Within 14 - 21 Days
Restockable No
Warranty 1 year

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Common Accessories

18073-L TGA Heated Intake Filter Cable
The 18073-L is a 22 AWG power cable used to connect the heated filter holder on the 18072 to a 12 Vdc power supply. The user must specify a cable length for each unit.
Cable Length - show details
-L ft per heater cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Part# 9661 is a 22 AWG, 1 twisted pair cable with a shield/drain wire.

Replacement Parts

The 18058 is a heated filter holder with filter element. Over time the filter on the 18072 will plug, and the 18058 is used as a convenient in-field replacement. In a laboratory setting, a user may opt to salvage the heated filter holder and replace only the 17575 filter element.
The 17575 is a replacement filter element that fits into the 18058 heated filter holder, which is part of the 18072.