Product Details
Typically Ships Within 7 - 14 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year

The "Typically Ships Within" value is an estimate of the number of calendar days within which this product is ready to ship from Campbell Scientific. Orders with more than 10 built-to-order products will likely increase the time needed to prepare the order for shipping.

To estimate how long it will take to receive an order that contains multiple products, combine the longest Ships Within value with the transit time of the shipping method you select.

Some specialized products have long Ships Within values. Because of this, you might consider submitting a separate order for these products so your other products won't be delayed.

Common Accessories

This high-gain (13 dBd), directional (Yagi) antenna is suitable for outdoor use. A narrow beam width requires precise aiming. It is useful for longer distances, and when only communicating to one other station.
The 30411 is an omnidirectional antenna that has a 5.8 dBd (8 dBi) gain. It is suitable for base station use where you need to communicate with multiple stations located in different directions. The antenna has a TYPE N female connector and requires an antenna cable to connect it to the radio. It does not include mounting hardware, and the 13906 is typically used (see below).
The 13906 provides hardware for mounting the 30411 antenna (see above).

Replacement Parts

The 10873 connects the RF401 to the computer. This 6-foot cable terminates in a 9-pin female connector on one end and a 9-pin male connector on the other end.
Used at the computer site, this dipole antenna has adhesive backing that adheres to a wall, rear-view mirror, window, or another suitable flat, non-conductive surface. The 17480 is supplied with 10 feet of RG174 cable fitted with an RPSMA connector.
The CM230 Adjustable Inclination Mount attaches the antenna to the ET107. The inclination can be adjusted to any angle from horizontal to vertical.
This antenna cable connects the field site's antenna to the radio. It has a 59 inch length.