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Replacement Parts

This green, plug-in power connector is shipped attached to the NL105. The connector provides screw terminals for connecting the 12 V and GND wires of the NL105's power supply. It may be purchased separately to replace a connector that has been lost or damaged.
The 13947 wall charger outputs 12 Vdc @ 1.0 Amp. It is fitted with a 6-foot cord. The cord terminates in pigtails that connect to the NL105's 12V and GND terminals.
The 10873 cable has subminiature "D" style connectors and a length of 6 feet. It includes one DB9 female connector and one DB9 male connector.
This 10baseT Ethernet Crossover Cable is required to configure the NL105 directly from a PC's Ethernet port. The 13659 has a 7-foot length.
The 13657 Standard DB9 Null Modem Cable is required to configure the NL105 from a PC's RS-232 port. It has a 6 foot length.