This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: EE181-L.
HC2S3-L Rotronic HygroClip2 Temperature/RH Probe
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image

Common Accessories

When exposed to sunlight, the HC2S3-L must be housed in a radiation shield. The RAD10 uses a double-louvered design that offers improved sensor protection from driving rain, snow, and insect intrusion. It also has lower self-heating in bright sunlight combined with higher temperatures (> 24°C (~75°F)) and low wind speeds (< 2m/s (~4.5 mph)), providing a better measurement.
The 41003-5 provides a 10-plate naturally-aspirated radiation shield that houses one HC2S3 probe. Its louvered construction allows air to pass freely through the shield thereby keeping the probe at or near ambient temperature. The 41003-5 attaches to a crossarm, mast, or user-supplied pipe with a 1.0" to 2.1" OD.
The 27755 Teflon Filter should be used instead of the polyethylene filter if the sensor will be in marine/salty or extremely humid environments. This Teflon filter has smaller pore size (10 micron) that provides good protection against fine dust particles and salt (marine environments), but with slightly slower response than for the polyethylene filter.

Replacement Parts

The 27730 is a replacement polyethylene filter.
HC2S3CBL1-L HC2S3 Replacement Analog Cable
The HC2S3CBL1 connects the HC2S3 sensor head with input and power terminals on the datalogger.
HC2S3CBL1-L Options - show details
-L Pricing is in ft per cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Campbell Scientific recommends:
  • 9 ft length—probe mounted to mast/leg at a 2 m height
  • 11 ft length—probe mounted to a CM202 at 2 m height
  • 14 ft length—probe mounted atop a CM106B, CM110, or UT10 via a CM202
  • 19 ft length—probe mounted atop a CM115 via a CM202
  • 24 ft length—probe mounted atop a UT20 via a CM202
  • 37 ft length—probe mounted atop a UT30 via a CM202
Add two feet to the cable length if you are mounting the enclosure on the leg base of a CM106B, CM110, CM115, or CM120 tripod.
Cable Termination Options - show details
-PT -PT w/Tinned Wires
-PW -PW w/Pre-Wire Connector
With the -PW option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a prewired enclosure.
-CWS -CWS w/CWS900 Connector
With the -CWS option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a CWS900-series interface. Connection to a CWS900-series interface allows this sensor to be used in a wireless sensor network.
-C -C w/ ET/CS110 Connector
-RQ -RQ w/RAWS Connector
The 27731 hex plug is required to mount the HC2S3 temperature and relative humidity sensor in the 41003-5 10-plate radiation shield.
The sensor is a drop-in replacement for existing installations, requiring no change in programming or wiring. This sensor does not ship with a cable. Please refer to the HC2S3CBL1-L if a cable is required.