This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: ET107.
Product Details
Restockable Yes

Replacement Parts

The 10589 Short-Haul Modem Package enables local communication between the ET101 and a computer RS-232 serial port. The kit includes two RAD modems, a 10596 interface, a surge protector for the computer, a cable burial splice kit, and three cables. One 20 ft cable connects one RAD to the station. (The ET101 is surge protected by the connector board). A second cable, with an inline surge protector, connects the second RAD to a computer. The third cable is a straight-through 9-25 pin serial cable.
The 10585 Telephone Modem Package enables communication between the ET101 and a computer equipped with a Hayes-compatible modem over a public switched telephone network at 300, 1200, or 9600 bps. Kit includes a telephone modem, a 20 ft cable allowing attachment to the enclosure, burial splice kit for attachment to a phone line, and a patch cord to connect the telephone modem to the RJ11C telephone jack. Surge protection is built into the ET101 board. Standard operating range is -30° to +50°C.
The 10522 AC Power Kit consists of a 110 Vac to 18 Vac transformer, a splice kit, and a 20 ft (6.1 m) cable for connecting the ET station to a user-supplied electrical box. At the site, 110 Vac power must be available and properly installed.
This replacement item consists of a 10-W solar panel and a mounting kit. Prior to October 2003, the 10616 included a sealed rechargeable battery.
The BPALK consists of eight replaceable "D"-cell alkaline batteries, battery connectors, and a temporary 12 V AA battery pack [#8862] used during D-cell replacement. The 8862 requires eight "AA" batteries (not included). The BPALK is NOT rechargeable.
This 3-meter pole option for the ET101 consists of two pieces of poles that provide a total length of 8' 9". The 10489 is made out of aluminum and is white.