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SP10 10W Solar Panel, 20ft Cable
The SP10 solar panel provides a 10-watt maximum peak power, 9-watt guaranteed minimum power, 0.59 A current at peak, and 16.8 V voltage at peak.
Cable Termination Options - show details
-PT -PT w/Tinned Wires
With the -PT option, the cable terminates in pigtails that connect directly to the data logger.
-PW -PW w/Pre-Wire Connector
With the -PW option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a pre-wired enclosure.
-C -C w/ ET/CS110 Connector
With the -C option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a CS110 Electric Field Meter or an ET-series weather station. This is equivalent to the -LC version available for some sensors.
Mounting Options - show details
-SM -SM Std Mounting Kit
Standard mounting to allow solar panel to be mounted directly to the leg of a tower or crossarm.
-EM -EM Extended Mounting Kit
Extended Mounting Kit allows the solar panel to be mounted on a tower or crossarm that puts the panel approximately 25.4 cm (10 in.) from the mast. This reduces shadows on the solar panel from other components or guy wires, which negatively affects the performance of the solar panel. It does, however, increase the wind load on the system.

To see an image of the 31108, visit the 31108 web page.
The 10525 holder accommodates two packages of our 4-unit desiccant. It attaches to the inside of the enclosure lid with adhesive Velcro strips (supplied).
The CS210 senses relative humidity levels inside the enclosure for the purpose of scheduling desiccant exchange.
The 18165 Enclosure Door Switch can be used to monitor when the door of the enclosure is open.

Replacement Parts

This 3 ft Ground wire w/lug connector may be purchased to replace a connector that has been lost or damaged.
The 15877 provides a Type N female coaxial crimp panel on one end and a coaxial Type N male crimp right angle on the other end with a LMR195 coaxial cable in between. It has a 15-inch (38 cm) length.
This water vapor sensitive patch adheres to the enclosure. Patches on the card change color as humidity thresholds are reached providing a visual indication of the enclosure's internal humidity.
One 6832 filter may be installed in one of the small compression fittings to allow air pressure to equalize between the inside and outside of the enclosure.
The 4905 Single 4-Unit Silica Desiccant Bag is packaged in Tyvek. The supplied desiccant should fill the initial needs of most applications, but should be periodically replaced.
The enclosure supply kit includes desiccant, a humidity indicator card, cable ties, wire tie tabs, putty for sealing the conduit, and screws and grommets for attaching peripherals to the enclosure backplate.
The 34040 connects a PS150, PS200, CH150, CH200, or CH201 power supply to an auxiliary, 12 V flooded battery such as a deep-cycle marine or RV battery. This is helpful when the battery is not in the same enclosure as the charge regulator/controller. The cable length is 3.048 m (10 ft). This two-conductor cable has a two-pin connector on one end that attaches to the power supply, and pigtails on the other end that attach to the battery.