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DAAV505-L Gast Sample Pump,107.6lpm Free Flow, Modified
DAAV505 Options - show details
-L Pricing is in ft hose per pump

Allowed values: 0-900 ft, increments of 100 ft

-U Pricing is in Tube Union for hose

Allowed values: 0-20 ea, increments of 1 ea

Power Motor Options
-220 -220 220/230V 50Hz Motor
-220 Power Cable Options
-NC -NC No Power Cable
-EUC -EUC Europe Cable
-UKC -UKC UK/Ireland Cable
-AUC -AUC Australia/NZ Cable
-CNC -CNC China Cable

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Product Details
Restockable No
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(2) 20559 DOAV502 and DAAV505 Service Kit
(2) 20560 DOAV502 and DAAV505 Replacement Diaphragm

Replacement Parts

Kit to service a DOAV502A or DAAV505-L and keep the pump operational. When the pump's diaphragm is replaced, Campbell Scientific recommends using the 20559 to replace other worn parts.
If you notice a substantial change in the airflow of your pump, it is likely that the diaphragm needs to be replaced.