This product is no longer available.
CVS4200D Discrete Stationary Indoor Automatic Liquid Sampler
Distributor Options
-DS -DS Standard Distributor
-DT -DT PTFE Distributor
Chamber Options
-PN -PN 0.5L Acrylic Chamber
-LN -LN 1.0L Acrylic Chamber
-PG -PG 0.5L Glass w/Standard
-LG -LG 1.0L Glass w/Standard
-PS -PS 0.5L Glass w/Sanitary
-LS -LS 1.0L Glass w/Sanitary
Sample Container Options
-A -A No Sample Container
-G -G 8 2L Glass Bottles
-H -H 12 1L Glass Bottles
-B -B 9L Nalgene Bottle
-BO -BO 9L Nalgene w/Overflow
-C -C 20L Nalgene Bottle
-CO -CO 20L Nalgen w/Overflow
-D -D 10L Glass Bottle
-DO -DO 10L Glass w/Overflow
-E -E 24 0.5L Plastic Bottls
-F -F 4 4L Glass Bottles
Refrigeration Options
-NR -NR Non-Refrigerated
-R -R Large Refrigerator
Pressure/Vacuum Options
-NP -NP No Pressure Gage
-P -P Pressure/Vacuum Gage
Battery Options
-NB -NB No Integral Battery
-S -S Integral Batt w/Chger
Common Fault Options
-NCF -NCF No CF Relay
-CF -CF Common Fault Relay
External Valve Options
-NE -NE No Ext Valve Control
-EV -EV Ext Valve Control
Status Options
-NS -NS No Success Relay
-SR -SR Sample Success Relay
Moisture Detect Options
-ND -ND No Water Detection
-WD -WD Water Detection Probe
Warranty Lengths
-SW -SW Standard 3yr Warranty
-XW -XW 2yr Warr Extension
Special Configuration
-SS -SS Standard Config
-XS -XS Special Config
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 3 years

Common Accessories

26925-L Sampler 3/8 inch PVC Intake Hose
The 26925 is an intake hose for our portable, battery-operated, automatic water samplers. It is a nylon-reinforced PVC hose with a 3/8 in. inner diameter and user-specified length.
26925-L Options - show details
-L ft per Hose

Allowed values: 25-400 ft, increments of 1 ft

Sampler End Termination
-HC -HC Sampler End w/Clamp
-QD -QD Sampler End w/QD
Intake End Termination
-NE -NE w/o Sinker/Strainer
-E1 -E1 w/Lead Sinker
-E2 -E2 w/SS Strainer

Other Accessories

The 26947 is a sampler container lid with sensor protection to detect when bottle is full.

Replacement Parts

The 13519 is a 3.6 Vdc, 1.2 Ahr, 1/2 AA size cell that needs to be periodically replaced. The battery is user-replaceable.