This product is no longer available. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
CSBUOY-DT Water Quality Platform System with DO and Temperature Probe

Other Accessories

The CS210 Enclosure Humidity Sensor contains an Elan HM2000-series precision bulk polymer relative humidity sensor. It senses relative humidity levels inside the CSBuoy's instrument housing for the purpose of scheduling desiccant exchange.
The 14055 includes 500 ml of electrolyte solution used for calibration of the CS511.

Replacement Parts

This 3 V Lithium battery powers the clock and SRAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. Campbell Scientific recommends replacing the battery every five years.
This 18 in. cable connects a CR200-series datalogger to the 17365 7 Ah battery.
The 6053 provides only the 7 Ah sealed rechargeable battery; connectors and mounts are not included.