Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 2 Years SN 1096+
Ships With
(1) 9-pin serial adapter (from original mfg)
(1) Carrying Case w/ foam insert (from original mfg)
(1) Carrying & Safety Straps (from original mfg)

Common Accessories

CS725CBL-L CS725 Cable
The CS725CBL-L Cable is required to use the CS725.
This cable has a user-specified cable length. Must choose a cable termination option.
CS725CBL-L Options - show details
-L ft per sensor cable

Allowed values: 1-90 ft, increments of 1 ft

Custom lead lengths are available for up to 90 feet.
Cable Termination Options - show details
-PT -PT w/Tinned Wires
With the -PT option, the cable terminates in pigtails that connect directly to the datalogger.
-PW -PW w/Pre-Wire Connector
With the -PW option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a prewired enclosure.
The 27412 mounting kit includes mounting plates and hardware that allows the CS725 to be mounted to the 27413 Right Angle Mounting Bracket or a user-supplied wall mount.
Two 27413 Right Angle Mounts are used to secure the CS725 to a user-supplied 10-ft long horizontal pipe. The user-supplied pipe is supported by two masts, towers, or poles.
For many sites, the 29390 collimator assembly is needed to make accurate measurements. It includes the collimator, mounting safety strap and carrying strap. Sites free from wooded vegetation and man-made structures (within a 48 m radius), or sites that will experience lower SWE values (< 300 mm) may not require this collimator assembly.