Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) 13665 Loctite 222MS Threadlocker
(1) 26156 Open-Ended 7/16 Wrench

Replacement Parts

The 18591 provides two 12-cm rods for the CS659 probe. If only one rod needs to be replaced, customers may order the 10184.
The 10184 provides one 12-cm rod for the CS659 probe. It is available when only one of the CS659 rods needs to be replaced.
The 13665 provides a container of threadlock loctite.
The 26156 is used to remove the nut that fastens the CS659 probe to the HS2 HydroSense II Display. This wrench is not shipped with replacement rods; therefore, it may be wise to purchase this wrench when ordering replacement rods.