This product is no longer available.
CS300-LQ Apogee SP-110 Pyranometer for RAWS Station
CS300-LQ Cable Length - show details
-LQ ft cable per sensor

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

An 11 ft (3.4 m) length is recommended for a 3 m mounting height.
Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 4 years
Compliance CE Compliance Image

Common Accessories

The 18356 provides several functions:
  1. It provides a secure, stable mount for the CS300. A bolt secures the pyranometer to the leveling base.
  2. The bubble level and three leveling screws allow the pyranometer to be adjusted to level for accurate solar radiation measurements.
  3. The base can be attached to a CM225 Solar Sensor mount using three mounting screws which allows the pyranometer to deployed on a variety of instrument mounts.
The CM225 Solar Sensor Mounting Stand is used to attach the CS300-LQ to a crossarm, mast, or pole with a 1.0" to 2.1" OD.


The 30008 provides a recalibration of the CS300 with a certificate. An RMA (Returned Material Authorization) from Campbell Scientific is required.