CS230-L CSC Temperature Profiler
CS230-L Options - show details
-L Pricing is in m cable per String

Allowed values: 1-152 m, increments of 1 m

-S Pricing is in Sensors per String

Allowed values: 1-32 ea, increments of 1 ea

Note: The minimum sensor spacing for the CS230-L is 5 cm (1.97 in.).
External Probe Options
-E0 -E0 Zero Ext Probes
-E1 -E1 w/One Ext Probe
-E2 -E2 w/Two Ext Probes
-E3 -E3 w/Three Ext Probes
-E4 -E4 w/Four Ext Probes

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Product Details
Restockable No
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) SGB3 from original mfg
(1) 2 ft Cable from original mfg
(2) 505 Screw #6-32 x .375 Pan Phillips
(2) 6044 Grommet for #6 or 8 Screw

We have created a new tool to help you configure your temperature profiler. It includes parameters for lead length, first sensor from ground, and distance between sensors:

CS230 Configurator Tool

Other Accessories

The 33815 makes it easier for you to connect wires from multiple SDI-12 sensors into one set of terminals on a data logger. The 33815 uses six DIN-rail mountable (pn 27479) 6-wire terminal blocks. The 33815 jumpers two connectors together at a time (pn 32918). This setup allows up to 11 SDI-12 sensors to be connected to one set of terminals on a data logger.