CS215-L CSL Temperature/RH Probe
CS215-L Options - show details
-L ft cable per sensor

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Campbell Scientific recommends:
  • 9 ft length—probe mounted to mast/leg at a 2 m height
  • 11 ft length—probe mounted to a CM202 at 2 m height
  • 14 ft length—probe mounted atop a CM106B, CM110, or UT10 via a CM202
  • 19 ft length—probe mounted atop a CM115 via a CM202
  • 24 ft length—probe mounted atop a UT20 via a CM202
  • 37 ft length—probe mounted atop a UT30 via a CM202
Add two feet to the cable length if you are mounting the enclosure on the leg base of a CM106B, CM110, CM115, or CM120 tripod.
Cable Termination Options - show details
-PT -PT w/Tinned Wires
With the -PT option, the cable terminates in pigtails that connect directly to the datalogger.
-PW -PW w/Pre-Wire Connector
With the -PW option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a prewired enclosure.

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Product Details
Typically Ships Within 14 - 21 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
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Common Accessories

The RAD06 uses a double-louvered design that offers improved sensor protection from driving rain, snow, and insect intrusion. It also has lower self-heating in bright sunlight combined with higher temperatures (> 24°C (~75°F)) and low wind speeds (< 2m/s (~4.5 mph)), providing a better measurement.
When exposed to sunlight, the CS215 must be housed in a radiation shield. The 41303-5A 6-Plate Gill radiation shield can be attached to a mast, tower leg, or CM202-series crossarm.

Please note that if the application requires that the entire body of the CS215-L sensor be engulfed in the radiation shield, the 41003-5 10-plate radiation shield can be used. Use of the 41003-5 also requires purchase of the 6637 adapter.

Replacement Parts

Order the 18142 Filter Cap if a replacement cap is needed but an RH chip is not needed; the filter cap is included with the 18144 RH Replacement Chip. The filter cap is field-replaceable by the user. It helps protect the sensing element from insects and contaminants.
The 18144 Replacement RH Chip and Filter Cap is field-replaceable, as needed, eliminating the downtime typically required for the recalibration process. The 18144 is "plugged into" a socket underneath the end cap and filter assembly. Chip replacement is recommended every 2 to 3 years depending on the application.