CRS456V Water Level Recording Vented Sensor, Titanium
Cable Length Options
-17 -17 w/17ft per Probe
-33 -33 w/33ft per Probe
-50 -50 w/50ft per Probe
-75 -75 w/75ft per Probe
-83 -83 w/83ft per Probe
-100 -100 w/100ft per Probe
-200 -200 w/200ft per Probe
-U -U w/User Defined Length
-U User Specified Length - show details
-L Pricing is in ft cable per sensor

Allowed values: 1-500 ft, increments of 1 ft

Accuracy Options
-SA -SA Std 0.1% Accuracy
-HA -HA Higher 0.05% Accuracy
-SA Pressure Ranges
-2 -2 0-2.9psig (20kPa)
-7 -7 0-7.25psig (50kPa)
-14 -14 0-14.5psig (100kPa)
-29 -29 0-29psig (200kPa)
-72 -72 0-72.5psig (500kPa)
-145 -145 0-145psig (1000kPa)
-HA Pressure Ranges
-7 -7 0-7.25psig (50kPa)
-14 -14 0-14.5psig (100kPa)
-29 -29 0-29psig (200kPa)
-72 -72 0-72.5psig (500kPa)
-145 -145 0-145psig (1000kPa)
Nose Cone Options
-SN -SN w/Standard Nose Cone
-WN -WN w/Weighted Nose Cone
-NN -NN w/NPT Fitting

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Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

Common Accessories

The 25431 Split Mesh Cable Grip is recommended for use in wells to center the cable and to provide a method of suspending the cable, reducing cable stretch.
The transducer's cable incorporates a vent tube that terminates inside of the 25366 desiccant tube. The 25366 is offered as a common accessory for customers who want a spare desiccant tube.
The A200 interfaces a CS456V with a PC, allowing sensor settings to be changed via our Device Configuration Utility (DevConfig).
The 31648 is a clamp with 1 in. NPT threads that allows the CRS456V to be mated with a 1 in. PVC pipe for installations purposes. A 1 in. female adapter socket with FPT threads is needed between the 31648 and 1 in. PVC pipe. This adapter socket is typically available at stores that sell PVC pipe.

Other Accessories

The 33815 makes it easier for you to connect wires from multiple SDI-12 sensors into one set of terminals on a data logger. The 33815 uses six DIN-rail mountable (pn 27479) 6-wire terminal blocks. The 33815 jumpers two connectors together at a time (pn 32918). This setup allows up to 11 SDI-12 sensors to be connected to one set of terminals on a data logger.

Replacement Parts

The 25366 may be purchased to replace a damaged desiccant tube. The CRS456V is shipped with this small desiccant tube attached to it. The transducer's cable includes a vent tube that terminates inside of the 25366. The desiccant tube prevents water vapor from entering the inner cavity of the transducer.
The 29137 is replacement desiccant for this transducer's desiccant tube. It provides enough desiccant to fill ten desiccant tubes.
The 29421 is a replacement lithium battery pack for the CRS456V.
The 6714 includes twenty 4-unit Silica Gel Desiccant Bags.
The 28878 is a replacement humidity indicator card. It provides a visual reference of humidity level inside the transducer.


A previously purchased CRS451V or CRS456V can be recalibrated using this service. Documentation for the recalibration is included, and the battery is replaced.