This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CR9000XDC.
CR9000DC Measurement and Control System
Product Details
Typically Ships Within 21 - 28 Days
Restockable No
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Replacement Parts

The CR9011DC Power supply module provides regulated power to the CR9000DC from the internal battery modules. It also has specialized socket for connecting to [#13376] ac adapter.
This "blank" (no circuit board or components) occupies one slot in the CR9000DC chassis when the slot will be unoccupied by a functional I/O Module, thereby providing a degree of protection for modules in the adjacent slots.
This battery powers the clock and RAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. The battery must be replaced when its voltage falls below 2.4 Vdc.
The 10659 Strain Relief Adapter is attached to the chassis of the CR9000 datalogger, and then cable ties are used to fasten the cables to the adapter. By securing the cables to the datalogger's chassis, the likelihood that the sensor cables will be "jerked" out of their screw terminals is reduced.
The 8253 CR9000(X) Environmental Enclosure is designed for field applications where the enclosure will be exposed to the elements. A CR9000DC housed in this enclosure is protected from water, dust, and most environmental pollutants. The enclosure is compatible with both the CR9000- and CR9000X-series modules.
The 8255 CR9000(X) Lab Enclosure is for applications where the CR9000DC will reside inside a building and will not be subjected to water, condensing humidity, dust, or pollutants. The enclosure is compatible with both the CR9000- and CR9000X-series modules.
The 1113 is used to attach sensor leads to screw terminals.