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Typically Ships Within 7 - 14 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 3 years
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Ships With
(1) 1113 Flat-Bladed Screwdriver, 3.0 mm Blade x 60 mm Shaft
(1) 10873 Serial Data Cable, 9-Pin Female to 9-Pin Male
(3) 505 Screw #6-32 x .375 Pan Phillips
(3) 6044 Grommet for #6 or 8 Screw

End-of-Life Product

For new projects, the CR300-series dataloggers are recommended instead of the CR200X-series dataloggers. The CR300-series builds on the successful features of the CR200X-series dataloggers, while adding new features. The CR200X-series dataloggers will continue to be available for customers with existing CR200X networks until 16 January 2018. Refer to the CR200X-Series Datalogger Discontinuation Notice for details.

Purchase of this product is not recommended for new networks to be deployed in the European Union (EU) that may require future expansion. This and other RF-compatible products will not be available for sale in Europe after 01 Jan 2015 due to changes in EU legislation.

Common Accessories

One of these CDs should be included with each order. The 15725 provides a CD containing the current OS and compilers. This software is also available on our website for download.
One end of the 17394 cable attaches to a USB port on a computer, and the other end of the cable attaches to the datalogger's RS-232 port.
This sealed rechargeable battery for the CR216X has a 7 A h rating. The BP7 does not fit in the ENC200.
The 15988 recharges the BP7 12 V, 7 A h battery via ac power. Its cable terminates in pigtails for attachment to the datalogger's terminal strip.
Several antennas are offered. The 16755 is a high-gain (13 dBd), directional (Yagi) antenna that has a narrow beam width, so precise aiming is mandatory. It is useful for longer distances, and when only communicating with one other station (due to narrow beam width). This antenna requires an antenna cable to connect it to the CR216X.
Several antennas are offered. The 16005 is a unity gain (0 dBd), 1/2 wave whip, omnidirectional antenna. Its articulating knuckle joint can be oriented vertically or at right angles. This antenna attaches directly to the CR216X; a cable is not required.
Several antennas are offered. The 17480 is an omnidirectional antenna with a 1 dBd gain. It has adhesive backing that adheres to a wall, rear-view mirror, window, or another suitable flat, non-conductive surface. This antenna includes a 10-ft cable that attaches to the CR216X.
The 30411 is a higher gain (5.8 dBd) omnidirectional antenna. It is suitable for base station use where you need to communicate with multiple stations located in different directions. The antenna has a TYPE N female connector and requires an antenna cable to connect it to the CR216X. It does not include mounting hardware, and is typically mounted with the 13906 (see below).
The 13906 provides hardware for mounting the 30411 antenna (see above).
COAXRPSMA-L Antenna Cable LMR195 w/Reverse Polarity SMA & Type N Male Connector
Either this cable or the COAXNTN-L (see below) is required when using the 16755 or 30411 antenna. The COAXRPSMA-L is an LMR195 cable that terminates in a type N male connector on the "antenna end" and a Reverse Polarity SMA (RPSMA) connector on the "transceiver end." This cable is recommended for applications where the cable length is less than 10 feet.
Cable Length - show details
-L ft per antenna cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Recommended length is 5 ft (1.5 m). Maximum length is 10 ft (3 m).
COAXNTN-L Antenna Cable RG8 w/2 Type N Male Connectors
Either this cable or the COAXRPSMA-L (see above) is required when using the 16755 or 30411 antenna. The COAXNTN-L is a low-loss RG8 coaxial cable that requires the 31314 surge protection kit to connect it to the CR216. The COAXNTN-L/31314 combination is recommended over the COAXRPSMA-L when the antenna cable will be longer than 10 ft (as measured between the CR216X and the antenna) or when the CR216X will be used in an environment susceptible to lightning or electrostatic buildup.
Cable Length - show details
-L ft per antenna cable

Allowed values: 1-500 ft, increments of 1 ft

Recommended length is 15, 25, or 35 ft (4.6, 7.7, or 10.8 m).
The 31314 is an RF surge protection kit with flange mounting bracket. It may be flange-mounted to an enclosure backplate or bulkhead-mounted through an enclosure wall. One side of the surge protector connects to a radio with an RPSMA antenna connection. The other side connects to an antenna/antenna coaxial cable with Type N connector.
This 10 ft (3.1 m) roll of 1"-wide black self-vulcanizing tape can help protect the connection of outdoor antennas. After connecting the coaxial cable to the antenna, wrap the tape around the connectors that are exposed to the environment.

Other Accessories

The 17159 is offered for customers who want a paper CR200(X)-Series Operator's Manual in a 3-ring binder.
The ENC200 enclosure can house one CR216X datalogger and the 16869 Sealed Rechargeable Battery (see Compatibility). Five compression fittings are provided for sensor cable entry; there are also specialized connectors for a solar panel, antenna, and system ground.
This wall charger recharges the #16869 12 V, 0.8 A h battery via ac power. The 16876 plugs into the ENC200's power connector.
This compact, sealed rechargeable, 12 V battery is optimized for use with a CR200(X)-series datalogger and the ENC200 Enclosure. The 16869 has an 0.8 A h (800 mA h) capacity.
This shunt resistor converts a probe's 4 to 20 mA signal to a millivolt signal that can be measured by this datalogger.
Commonly used with RF407-series or RF451 radio devices, the 31312 is an RF surge protection kit that is installed by Campbell Scientific, bulkhead-mounted through the enclosure wall. One side of the surge protector connects to a radio with an RPSMA antenna connection. The other side connects to an antenna or antenna coaxial cable with a Type N connector.
The 19335 is a factory-installed bulkhead-mounted coaxial cable. The associated enclosure on your order is properly cut to fit the Type N bulkhead connector, and the cable is installed prior to shipment. The cable has a Type N Female bulkhead connector on one end and an RPSMA plug (male) connector on the other. The cable is 17 in. (43.2 cm) of low-loss LMR-195.

Replacement Parts

The 15598 powers the clock and SRAM when the primary 12 Vdc power supply is not connected. This 3 V lithium coin cell battery needs to be periodically replaced. Campbell Scientific recommends replacing the battery every five years.
The 1113 is used to attach sensor leads to screw terminals.
The 10873 is a serial cable that is useful for connecting the RS-232 port of the datalogger to the 9-pin RS-232 port of a computer. The cable is six feet long.
These screws, along with the 6044 grommets, are commonly used together to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
These grommets are commonly used with the 505 screws to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.