Batteries / BP84
Product Details
Restockable No
Warranty No Warranty
Ships With
(1) 30066 Battery Terminal Bus Kit (quantity of 2)
(1) 18497 Mounting Bracket
(4) 505 Screw #6-32 x .375 Pan Phillips
(4) 6044 Grommet for #6 or 8 Screw
(1) Red 18 AWG Power Wire with Spade lug, 4ft long
(1) Black 18 AWG Power Wire with Spade lug, 4ft long

Common Accessories

The 61886 cable is needed if the BP84 is used with the CH150 or CH200.

Other Accessories

The 18529 regulator controls the current flowing to the battery and prevent the battery current from flowing to the charging source.
CH200 12V Charging Regulator (-40 to +60C)
Note: If the CH200 is to be used with a BP84, a 6186 is needed.

The CH200 is microcontroller-based smart charge controller that manages amperage and voltage for safe, optimized battery charging from a solar-panel or AC power sources. It also measures various input, output, and status parameters to allow close monitoring of the battery.
Warranty Lengths - show details
-SW -SW Standard 1yr Warranty
At the time of purchase, the CH200 includes a standard warranty of 12 months. See our full warranty policy in the PS200/CH200 manual for the terms and conditions of this warranty.
-XW -XW 4yr Warr Extension
Our extended warranty adds 48 months to the standard 12 month warranty, bringing the total warranty period to 60 months. The extended warranty may be purchased only at the time of original product purchase. It may NOT be added later. Except for the increased coverage length, the same terms and conditions apply to the extended warranty as apply to the standard warranty.
The 6186 connects a PS150, PS200, CH150, or CH200 power supply to an auxiliary, 12 V flooded battery such as a deep-cycle marine or RV battery. Cable length is 10 feet. This two-conductor cable has a two-pin connector on one end that attaches to the power supply, and pigtails on the other end that attach to the battery.

Replacement Parts

The 25962 provides the BP84's sealed rechargeable battery, but without the mounting hardware that attaches the battery to the enclosure backplate. It may be purchased as a replacement item.
The 30066 consists of two battery-terminal bus stuffed circuit boards, plus an instruction sheet for using them on a large external battery.
These screws, along with the 6044 grommets, are commonly used together to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
These grommets are commonly used with the 505 screws to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.