Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 5 years
Ships With
(1) SunSaver MPPT and Mounting Hardware (for mounting to a 1-in. Campbell Scientific grid plate)

Common Accessories

The 38899 is used when the batteries are not in the same enclosure as the charge regulator. The 38899 provides improved battery charging in solar-panel systems that experience temperature variations during the year. This remote temperature sensor (RTS) measures temperature at the battery, and the controller uses this data for very accurate temperature compensation. Campbell Scientific recommends using the 38899 when the temperature at the battery will be more than 5°C (9°F) different from the temperature at the controller.
The 34540 is used with communications from SunSaver MPPT (or other Morningstar products) to the data logger or PC. When you are using the 34540 with a CR6 or CR1000X datalogger, you must also use pn 31055. When you are using the 34540 with a CR300 or CR310 datalogger, use a null modem cable as well, such as pn 18663.

The 34540 converts a controller's meter port (RJ-11 phone-type connector) to a standard RS-232 serial connector for connection to a PC or other equipment. The 34540 can be used with any Morningstar controller or inverter that is equipped with a meter connection but does not already have an RS-232 port.
Use the 31055 with pn 34540 to communicate with a data logger through the CPI/RS-232 port. The 31055 adapts an RS-232/CPI RJ45 port to a DB9 male connector. This cable is offered to make it easier to connect a DCE serial device, such as a cellular modem, to the RS-232/CPI port.

Other Accessories

The 17394 is a six-foot interface cable fitted with a USB connector on one end and a 9-pin male RS-232 connector on the other end. The USB connector attaches to the USB port of a PC. The RS-232 connector attaches to the RS-232 port of a data logger or peripheral.
The 13657 null modem cable has DB9 female to DB9 female connectors. The length is 6 ft (2 m).
This 1 ft, null modem cable has 9-pin connectors on both ends for connecting the data logger's RS-232 port to a peripheral's RS-232 port. An interface such as the SC105 or SC932A is typically not required.