Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance RoHS Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) 29553 Surge Suppressor, Type N Female, Bulkhead Mounting Grounding Cable
(1) 31313 RG174 Antenna Cable, Type N Male to RPSMA Plug
(1) 31179 Surge Suppressor Flange Mounting Bracket
(1) 14464 Nylon Grommet for #10 Screw
(1) 15763 Screw #10-16 x .625 Pan Phillips Self-Threading Type BSS

Replacement Parts

The 31179 is a bulkhead-to-flange-mount adapter that can be used to mount our RF surge and bulkhead fitting products to an enclosure backplate.
The 29553 is a ground lug and wire assembly used to ground our RF surge and bulkhead fitting products. The 24 in., 12 AWG, stranded wire is terminated on one end with a 5/8 in. ring lug. The lug is positioned between the RF connector and the enclosure wall, or the lug is secured using the nut and lock washer supplied with the RF connector.
The 31313 is an 18 in. RG174/U coaxial cable jumper. One end is fitted with a straight RPSMA Male connector. The other end is fitted with a straight Type N Male connector.
The 14464 is a one-piece, non-corrosive nylon, self-retaining blind screw receptacle. It snaps into the square holes punched into our enclosure backplates. It accepts a #10 screw.