Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(1) 7363 Enclosure Supply Kit, Standard Size

Replacement Parts

The 28878 is a replacement humidity indicator card. It provides a visual reference of humidity level inside the enclosure. Colored circles change color from blue to pink to indicate humidity levels of 30%, 40%, and 50% relative humidity. Double sticky tape on the back of the card allows it to be easily secured to an enclosure lid.
The 6316 provides a universal backplate for retrofitting older 10" x 12" enclosures. The anodized aluminum backplate is completely pre-punched with a matrix of half-inch-on-center holes. The 6316 replaced the now-retired 5947 Half Universal Backplate, which contained press-in hardware for the CR10 and 21X (upper half) and a grid of 1”-on-center holes (lower half).

Another backplate used in the ENC10/12 is also retired; the 5622 backplate had a special hole configuration that supported the AM32 multiplexer (the AM32 was a much larger predecessor of the AM16/32B).
One 6832 filter may be installed in one of the small compression fittings (cable entry seals) in the ENC10/12 to allow air pressure to equalize between the inside and outside of the enclosure. As such, the filter is used only when the cable entry seals option is selected for the enclosure (item 6447). The filter is typically used when a barometric pressure sensor (or, in some cases, the cable termination of a vented submersible pressure transducer) will be located inside the enclosure. The filter has a 60 micron pore size.
The 18955 provides the same bracket as "-LM" mounting option. This bracket may be ordered as a replacement part, if the bracket gets damaged, or if another option was originally chosen. The 18955 allows the enclosure to be attached to the leg base of a CM110, CM115, or CM120 lightweight tripod.
Two of the 34093 nut are used to secure a mounting bracket to a fiberglass enclosure, such as the ENC16/18. Typically, four of the 34093 nut are used per enclosure: two for the top mounting bracket and two for the bottom one. The 34093 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged nut.
The 5449 ground lug is attached to the enclosure. It may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged ground lug.
The pn 23 nut is available as a replacement item.
The enclosure supply kit includes desiccant, a humidity indicator card, cable ties, wire tie tabs, putty for sealing the conduit, and screws and grommets for attaching peripherals to the enclosure backplate.
The 5427 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged screw.