This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: 05103-L. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
05103-LC RM Young Wind Monitor for CS110 or MetData1
Cable Length - show details
-LC ft cable per sensor

Allowed values: 0-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Custom lead lengths are available for up to 1000 feet. Campbell Scientific recommends:
  • 11 ft—sensor mounted atop a CM6 via a CM202
  • 14 ft—sensor mounted atop a CM106, CM10, CM110, or UT10 via a CM202
  • 19 ft—sensor mounted atop a CM115 via a CM202
  • 24 ft—sensor mounted atop a UT20 via a CM202
  • 37 ft—sensor mounted atop a UT30 via a CM202

Common Accessories

The 17953 NU-RAIL Crossover Fitting can be used instead of the CM220 to attach this sensor to a CM200-series crossarm.
The CM220 Right-angle Mounting Bracket attaches this sensor to a CM200-series crossarm.
The CM216 Sensor Mount seats into the top of the mast in a stainless-steel tripod allowing the sensor to be mounted on the mast without using a crossarm.

Replacement Parts

The 13894 bearings are located in the Wind Monitor's propeller housing and can be replaced by most users—especially those that are familiar with replacing bearings in other mechanical systems. The bearings may also be replaced at the factory; an RMA is required for factory replacement.
The 13895 bearings allow the Wind Monitor's vane to turn about the axis of the mounting shaft. These bearings are located within the shaft assembly and should be replaced at the factory. An RMA is required for factory replacement.
The 3659 is an unthreaded pipe used to mount the sensor to a crossarm. The pipe is easily replaced by the user.