Several years ago, Campbell Scientific began offering automatic water samplers for stormwater, wastewater, and other water-quality applications. Our water samplers feature vacuum pump technology because of the many advantages it offers over peristaltic technology:  more precise and repeatable sample volumes, more representative samples, less maintenance, and less chance of residual liquid from a previous sample.

Recently, we made some improvements to our water samplers in three areas: product design, warranties, and ordering options. Probably the most noticeable change is the reorganized option information on the Ordering tab of our water samplers’ web pages. For each water sampler, we have visually streamlined the information and categorized all the possible options, providing you with a more comprehensive, and more intuitive, method for ordering your specific water sampling system.

We also made some design improvements to our water samplers. For example, a small modification to our portable, discrete samplers helps keep the sample containers in position and prevents them from tipping when these samplers are moved. As another example, we improved the ability of our water samplers to collect exact, repeatable sample volumes and deposit them in the sample containers. In addition, we replaced the PVS4150C Portable Composite Water Sampler with the PVS4151C, which has a power connector on the outside of the case for easier access.

Another recent change is the addition of a two-year warranty extension option for all of our water samplers, in addition to our standard three-year warranty.

Let us know if we can help you select among our automatic water samplers and their options to configure a system that meets your specific application needs—now and in the future.

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