CR1000, CR800, and CR3000 dataloggers

Campbell Scientific dataloggers are the most robust, flexible, low-power data-acquisition systems on the market. One of the keys to our dataloggers’ success is their incredibly powerful operating system (OS). The datalogger OS is written at Campbell Scientific, allowing us to continually improve it. For more than a year, we have been updating the datalogger OS, jamming it full of new improvements and features. These are some of the great new enhancements available with the upgrade to OS 28:

  • Optimized the Status Table, making it easier to find important information. Communications overhead was reduced by moving static settings information to the Settings Editor.
  • Added DataTableInfo to include the table metadata previously found in the Status Table.
  • Added IP functionality and improved PPP for better networking and easier data transfer. These additions include support for IPv6, auto-IP, and the new NL121/NL116 Ethernet interfaces. (See Ethernet Just Got Better.) 
  • Enhanced support for SCADA protocols, Modbus, and DNP3. 
  • Included a variety of new CRBasic instructions, such as:
  • Made it easier to remotely download an OS to a station with communication on the switched 12 V channel. 
  • Increased the number of permitted DataTables to more than 30. This allows you to get your data in exactly the format you need for every interval, event, and cooperator. For the CardOut() and TableFile() instructions, DataTables are still limited to 30.
  • Revised the DataInterval(), TimeIntoInterval() and IfTime() instructions so the Units of Month can be used with them.

A detailed list of features and improvements incorporated into OS 28 (released February 26, 2015) are available at

This new upgrade allows us to provide the most robust measurement and control system possible.

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