VWAnalyzer with Vibrating Wire Report

In December 2015, Campbell Scientific released the VWAnalyzer, the best vibrating wire field reader available. Vibrating wire technology is used in many sensors, including strain gages, pressure transducers, piezometers, tiltmeters, crack meters, and load cells. These sensors benefit a wide variety of structural, hydrological, and geotechnical applications.

The VWAnalyzer is field ready to quickly measure any vibrating wire sensor, save the data, and communicate results. Measurements are geo-located with the integrated GPS, allowing the VWAnalyzer to verify locations and direct you to your sensors.  A large color display and easy-to-use menus let you see and understand how the sensor is working, troubleshoot sensor installation in the field, and get real-time results of system performance. The VWAnalyzer also creates custom PDF reports and spreadsheets that can be quickly transferred with a USB connection.

The VWAnalyzer uses Campbell Scientific’s patented vibrating wire spectral-analysis technology (VSPECT) to provide the best vibrating wire field reader available. VSPECT filters noise allowing the sensor signal to be clearly identified for a high-resolution measurement (0.001 Hz).

The VWAnalyzer fulfills a unique niche for our VSPECT family. With its large color display and VSPECT, you know you are getting the best measurements possible both in the field and office. The VWAnalyzer promises to be a valuable new addition to our VSPECT family.

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