RavenXTV Cellular Digital Modem

In 2008, Campbell Scientific began offering the RavenXTV, a Sierra Wireless cellular modem designed specifically for Verizon Wireless networks. It features low power consumption and wide operating-temperature range, and has proven to be rugged and dependable.

The RavenXTV requires connectivity to a Verizon Wireless network using 3G or 2G cellular technologies. Verizon Wireless is discontinuing their 3G networks as early as December 2019. As a result, Sierra Wireless, the RavenXT's original manufacturer, has stopped the production of this modem. Therefore, Campbell Scientific will retire the RavenXTV when our limited supply has been depleted.

As a replacement, we are offering the RV50, a cellular gateway compatible with 4G LTE networks. It provides Internet connectivity to our dataloggers and peripherals located within range of a compatible cellular network. The RV50 is recommended for all new cellular applications.

The RavenXTV is still available (at a reduced price) for short-term applications that do not need 4G capabilities. Before purchasing, check with Verizon to ensure that a new RavenXTV can be added to your account. When the RavenXTV has been officially retired, we will continue our customer support until 27 December 2019. Repair services will be limited to warranty repairs, due to parts obsolescence.

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