This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: HMP60-ET.
HMP50-ET Vaisala Temperature/RH Probe for ET Station, 54 inch cable
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For this version of the HMP50 Temperature/RH probe, the cable terminates in a connector and is the ideal length for attachment to the ET107 or  ET106 ETo Weather Station. The HMP50-ET measures temperature with a 1000 Ohm platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) and relative humidity (RH) with a 50Y Intercap humidity sensor. The chip can be replaced in the field by the user, thereby eliminating the downtime typically required for the recalibration process. In the image, there is an HMP50-ET housed in a radiation attached to the ET107's crossarm.

Benefits and Features

  • Field-replaceable humidity chip eliminates recalibration down time


Case Studies

South Africa: Fog Harvesting
Southwestern South Africa had three consecutive dry winters—from 2015 through 2017—resulting in the Cape more

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