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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
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CRBasic for HMP9 Vaisala humiity sensor VU.performance 0
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TimeintoInterval Help Zpoole 2
Compile error Al_engineer 0
Averaging values every 15 minutes- Issue with data collection adhillman 1
Possible to use a terminal for DRY CONTACT TO GROUND? tonetics 1
4 to 20 ma wiring detail GeodeNZ 7
Cr1000 communication via radio and gprs zamipufi 0
12 strain gauge vibrating wire (Geokon Model 4100), and AM 16/32B Multiplexer and CR6 data loggers. #RD@2020 0
Geo Precision SDI-12 converter --dd-- 3
reading status of CELL215 over CS I/O Chasper B. 1
schedule modem off and on n_maureira 1
Remote OS update via Connect screen ariklee 1
Numeric and text NANs in TOA5 file rwc 10
Rolling Averages BertSP 3
CR1000 logger with RS232-bluetooth adapter andrea.sonc 12
CR1000 vs CR1000X web interface LorenFiedler 2
can I put two different SDI-12 sensor types on one control port? furban 1