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Connect to CR1000 by tcp/ip ?.

jackyjoy123 May 14, 2021 07:45 AM


I would like to know if its possible to connect to the cr1000 by TCP ip.

Do i need extra hardware for it?

I see i can add a root in the setup screen with ipport but from there i dont know what to do.

Whats the ip adress of the cr1000?



Nico May 17, 2021 07:51 PM

CR1000's need an extra module to be able to have Ethernet capbility.
See NL121, NL120 (retired), NL116 (retired), NL115 (retired).

..to get the IP address of your CR1000 (with Ethernet module attached and plugged into your LAN):

option A)

go to the website of your DHCP server and look up the IP lease table (if you don't know what anything of this means, talk to your network admin)

option B)

connect to the CR1000 via RS232 and use Device Config Utility to look up it's Ethernet settings (see tab 'Deployment', then tab 'Ethernet')

option C)

connect your CR1000 via Ethernet to your LAN which also has your machine with Loggernet on it (same subnet, i.e. being the netmask of our LAN). Then use Device Config Utility, select the CR1000 and under 'Connection Type' at the left bottom chose [IP].. then hit that small button to the right of the IP-Address field with a square on it and a new window pops up, giving you the IP addresses of all the CR1000's on your subnet.

Adding a IP Pakbus access to Setup in Loggernet..

click 'Add Root', select 'IPPort', then 'PakBusPort (PakBus Loggers)..', then 'CR1000'.

Adjust the IP address for the IPPort (do not remove the ':6875' or change it, unless you changed this IP-port in the CR1000 via device config). Your IP-Address field should look like this for a CR1000 located on

 Alternatively you can also use a RS232 <> Ethernet converter to do similar stuff.
See the NL201 module or 3rd party devices for this.
Be aware that TCP/IP capability will be limited that way though.

Note that the successor CR1000X comes with Ethernet out of the box. So in case you got the funds or can upgrade consider to replace your CR1000 with the newer model.

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