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CR3107Cell 220 Fail Connection with a Sonde Seasbird SB37 RS232 Port.

Cris1224 Apr 8, 2024 08:14 PM

 People can you help me please with this problem, i have a CR310 with a Seabird SB37 connected in RS232 port using the following command:

SW12 (1 )
SerialOpen (SB37Port,9600,0,10,10000)
Scan(10,Sec,1 ,0)
' 'Default Datalogger Battery Voltage measurement Batt_Volt:
'Datalogger Panel Temperature measurement:
' SB37() = "TS" & CHR(13) & CHR(1)
SerialOut (ComRS232,SB37(),"TPS",0,100)
' SerialOut (ComRS232,Cond,"",0,100)
'take 225 bytes in front of CR LF
SerialInRecord (ComRS232,Temp,0,225,&H0D0A,NBytesReturnedCond,01)

But i have no responses from the sonde, anyone with a suggestions?

CurranPaige Apr 29, 2024 06:06 PM

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