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20x pulse input with cr6, how?

mortenx Nov 25, 2018 06:28 AM

i want to use 20 pulse sensors(rain gauges) with cr6, what is the best way to do it ?

mortenx Nov 26, 2018 10:41 AM

is it possible to connect i2c IO module to cr6  ?


GeodeNZ Nov 26, 2018 03:11 PM

This could get you most of the way https://www.campbellsci.com/sdm-io16

mortenx Dec 19, 2018 07:20 AM

is it possible to use SDM-IO16 as 16 pulse input ?

GeodeNZ Dec 19, 2018 04:00 PM

From the specifications;

  • Provides 16 digital I/O ports
  • When configured as an input, each port can monitor logic state, count pulses, measure signal frequency, and determine duty cycle

mortenx Dec 20, 2018 02:17 AM

from SDM-IO16 spec.. "Maximum Pulse Measurement Interval 15.9375 s"

What this means ? that raingauge pulses(pulse interval usually more than 15s) are nort read?

Maximum Pulse Measurement Interval 15.9375 s

aps Dec 20, 2018 06:24 AM

The pulse measurement interval is a limit for frequency measurement.   You can count pulses over longer periods.  Normally you would simply ask the interface for the pulse count total every minute or perhaps hour if measuring raingauge.

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