If a computer does not have any serial ports, how can software (such as LoggerNet, PC400, PC200W, or Device Configuration Utility) talk to the data logger?

Many of our more recent data loggers have a Micro B USB port. Simply use a Type A to Micro B, male-to-male cable. Although any USB cable, with the correct connectors and drivers, should work, there is a better chance of success using a cable supplied by Campbell Scientific.

For data loggers with an RS-232 port, only a serial or USB to RS-232 cable (sometimes called a USB-to-serial-adapter cable) is needed. Although any USB to RS-232 cable should work with the appropriate drivers, there is a better chance of success using the USB to RS-232 cables sold by Campbell Scientific.

There are several options for data loggers that don’t have an RS-232 port but have a CSI/O port:

  1. Use the SC-USB connector/interface instead of the SC32B.
  2. Use the SC32B with a 17394, USB-to-9-pin male RS-232 cable.
  3. Use a user-supplied USB interface with the SC32B.

For data loggers with a CSI/O and RS-232 or USB port, it is not necessary to use the SC32B unless there is another device connected to the RS-232 port or there are concerns about low-level noise from a permanently connected, ac-powered computer.

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