What is a USR drive?

The USR drive is a user-created drive in the CR1000, CR3000, and CR800 dataloggers. It can be set up by assigning a value to the data logger UsrDriveSize setting in the Status table (by entering a value into the Status table directly, by using DevConfig, or by setting it with the SetStatus() instruction). This drive must be set to at least 8192 bytes, in 512 byte increments. (If the value entered is not a multiple of 512 bytes, the size will be rounded up.) Maximum size is calculated based on the data logger total memory size less approximately 403 KB (reserved for the OS and file system). If the value entered for the UsrDriveSize is greater than the maximum, the drive will be set to the maximum.

Hardware such as the CC5MPX and data logger instructions such as TableFile() can write files to the USR drive.

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