What's new in RTMC Pro 5.0?

RTMC Pro 5.0 includes the following enhancements:

Hardware Acceleration

  • The desktop versions now use Direct2D to draw the components, making for a faster, more comfortable user interface. This also removes the pixilation that we were seeing with GdiPlus.


  • We are now using an in-house software package to draw our graphs. We are no longer dependent on third-party software (TeeCharts) to draw our graphs.

Different Look and Feel

  • All the components have a different look and feel than they used to.
  • Many of the components scale differently as well, as the component changes size.
  • There are many new settings in many of the new components.

New Feature: Color Theme

  • The user can now change the look of multiple components at the same time, or even change all of the components in the whole project at the same time. 
  • All components have the same background options that include gradients, transparencies, and borders.
  • Each component can be rotated as well, even if it is within a group of other components.

New Feature: Graphs

  • Graphs now have areas graph options, and better bar graphs.
  • A constant reference line (or points) is now available.
  • The series lines can change colors over different thresholds.
  • There are more options with the marks.
  • Wind direction

New Feature: Multistate Alarms

  • The background, text, image, and numeric values can now all be set for multistate alarms.
  • The color of the standard image for all the alarms can be changed, as well as background colors.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple bug fixes along the way, some of them in our currently released product, especially those dealing with machines with different DPIs (i.e., laptops or Surfaces).

New Components

  • Interpolation Map
  • Lines (straight lines, arrow lines, arced lines, and Bezier curved lines)
  • Multistate Images

New Components that Will Be in Next Version

These are new features that have been implemented in the Desktop version, but not in Publisher yet. In the interest of releasing this software, with less time to code completion and less testing, we will remove these options from the Desktop version with the hope that someday we will be able to implement them in Publisher for a future RTMC release.

  • Contour Graphs
  • Array Graphs
  • Profile Graphs
  • Graphs where the domain axis is on the Y axis
  • Color Fill Graphs.
  • Gated Valve
  • Some of the rocker switches
  • Some of the dial options.

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