What can be done if a new table is not being baled by Baler?

Check that the new table has been selected on the Baler Baling Setup tab. (Selected tables should appear in the Selected Tables field on the right side of the screen.) If the new table has not been selected, click the Pause Baling button, click the desired table, and click the right-facing arrow to add it to the list. Then click the Enable Baling button to restart the baling process.

After restarting, Baler creates bales of the specified interval size for all of the data that currently exists in the LoggerNet cache and has not been baled yet.

If the table has been selected, but no data files are being created, check that the table is enabled for scheduled collection on the Table Status tab in Baler. If the Enable column of the table displays No, there is an issue in the LoggerNet Setup screen.

On the LoggerNet Setup screen, on the data logger Schedule tab, ensure that the Scheduled Collection Enabled checkbox is selected. Also, ensure that the data collection interval is set so that data is collected into the LoggerNet cache. In addition, on the Data Files tab, ensure that the table has the Included for Data Collection checkbox selected. Baler only bales data that has been collected into the LoggerNet data cache.

If everything appears correct in the LoggerNet Setup screen, start the LoggerNet Status Monitor, and ensure that the Pause Schedule checkbox isn’t selected. (Selecting that checkbox stops all scheduled data collection for all of the data loggers.) On the Status Monitor page, it is possible to check when the data was last collected for the data logger and when data will next be collected.

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